Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bonvivant Saumur, owned by Barbara Walker-Smith, was Best Puppy AVNSC at Matlock open show yesterday at Newark and had Puppy GP 2.
Here he is out on his walk today in the mud.
I have been busy outside all weekend mending gates and generally working round kennels. What a relief to get all the paddocks back into commission--it sounds like Butlins holiday camp out there today with all the dogs enjoying themselves. Nights are certainly drawing out now but I can't wait for those light evenings and the dogs get at least eight hours in the sunshine (we can hope).
Fencing repairs next. Rain on the way so it will still be a while before we get mowing the field again. Lots of molehills out there this year and the cats have caught a few moles too. Chiraze loves molehills and pushes her nose down the top of them, but she is obsessed by small furry critters ! Fortunately for moly she has never caught one.
Psyche, the Groenendael, is getting very big now with less than 3 weeks to go but enjoyed "helping" out in the field.

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