Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apologies for not blogging for ages but there has so much to do before the winter here.
BSDA of GB results :-
Malinois-BD BVD,BVIB Ch Bonvivant Dewet,
BB and BOB Ch Bonvivant Nochotte,
RBB BVB Bonvivant Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta CSAU TAN.
PD B.Yazoo,
PB BPIB B.Ysatis.

Laekenois- RBB BVIB Van de Baarbeekhoeve Brizo for Bonvivant.
Tervueren- Bonvivant X-Elle 2nd PB.

NBSDC results:-

Tervueren- BD Delark Witchcraft
PB BPIB Bonvivant X-Elle

Malinois- BD BVD BVIB BOB Ch. Bonvivant Dewet
RBD PD Bonvivant Yazoo
BB RBOB Bonvivant Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta
RBB Ch. Bonvivant Nochotte
PB BPIB Bonvivant Ysatis
BB BOB BVIB Van de Baarbeekhoeve Brizo for Bonvivant.

Celine had only one puppy, a male, which is growing extremely fast. He has his eyes open now and gets fatter every day.
The chickens are nearly all out in their new pens (old kennels) and I had 3 new hens for my birthday to add to the laying flock. The youngest of the chicks are now moved into the shed for the next few weeks, especially as it has turned so chilly at night, so they still need a heatlamp. Out of 11 Favarolles 5 are male, 5 female and 1 who knows as it looks like it might be a cross with something else. Photos to follow.
Off to Midland Counties on Saturday so Remy and Maisie have been to visit. They are enjoying their new life with Phil and Ollie. Some dogs just do so much better in a home environment so, although it was hard to see Remy leave home, he is just down the road and he visits regularly.

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