Monday, April 6, 2009

6am and David and Candice set off for Shuttleworth so they would be in time to walk the courses and help in the rings.What a lovely sunny day it was and I took the 3 Tervueren pups, Brizo, Rodes,Crusoe and Chatter off for the day to Shuttleworth . I met lots of friends and dogs I hadn't seen for ages and took loads of action shots of them. I missed Dejas Clear Round unfortunately with Barbara but had a cuddle with Sam, and Indi had had his run earlier too. Yukon was there with Karin,and I met a Goldmali Cougar son Erik, Jo with Ronnie,Keisha,Pudsey and Zippy(I missed Kodys' run), Grace with Kiah,David and Candice with Rusty and Tia, Natalie with Reno, and Diane and Martin with Remys' brother Riley. His first competition and he did a really super Clear Round! It is lovely to see these dogs competing now and having such a great time!
The pups were obviously too young to go down by the rings but had a whale of a time on their collars and leads for the first time bouncing around and getting loads of attention by the caravans. There were planes overhead, the noise from the rings and gunfire all day and they didn't bat an eyelid. The big dogs had a wander round and were very well behaved meeting all their friends. Lisa and Chris brought a couple of dogs too. It was a really nice relaxed atmosphere and the competing dogs nearly all had rosettes with David and Rusty being awarded Best Malinois with a lovely trophy too. (they had been at Scunthorpe the day before and won the Grade 7 Agility).
The time sped by and before I knew it, after chatting with my friends, it was 7.30 and I had to make the trip home with a van load of sleeping dogs to get back and feed the rest of the mob.

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