Friday, April 17, 2009

What a busy week. With a bank holiday I took Elle up to Newark on the Friday for some socialisation. Lyn came to stay for a few days with her two Groenendaels Quest and Rowan. Sunday was Sheffield GSD with Obedience so I took the Malinois pups to sit and watch the world and his/her dog go by. They had plenty of childrens fingers poked through the crate door to chew on. I did a bit of Stay stewarding and Scent Decoy, I do find watching scentwork fascinating.
Kim and Gary brought their Tervueren puppies to show us, they are by Bruine, and I took a few photos. Really lovely outgoing pups with super bone, big coats and nice type.
This week has been busy with Claire and Gaston, Chirazes' breeders, coming from Belgium for two days. We took Cesar and Chiraze for a walk on the riverbank and they had a lovely time chasing each other. Today they left for Belgium and took Chiraze with them to be mated to their male, Strike de Domaine des Vauroux. He has sired a beautiful litter for them to Chiraze' sister Cleo and I think this combination will be very useful for future breeding here in the UK. We will collect Chiraze as soon as she has been mated. We were very sad to see her go but we know that they will care for her until we fetch her home to have her puppies, she is due in season very shortly and the males are already very interested in her !

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