Monday, July 6, 2009

We have had a lovely weekend, Steve came down for a few days with Kyp and Teazle while Gerry was away with her daughters at Longleat and we went to Dogs Unleashed at Newark, a doggy extravaganza. There was Flyball, Agility, Scurries etc and Teazle and Kyp had a go at the weight pulling. They firstly put a pulling harness on and then attach a chain, once the dog is used to dragging that behind them they then add a small metal sled . The idea is to add weights to it but Teazle tried out the trailer which weighs 240kg, being on wheels once the initial pull is done it is easier to pull. Kyp tried the ball pool, where they had to try and retrieve as many toys as possible in one minute--the balls with black dots on earned them a biscuit. Barbara was there with Deja, Sam and Ziggy for the Agility and had a couple of clear rounds.
Kim and Gary brought their Bruine kids down and we took some photos. Carol had Darcy and Lucky on the CSJ trade stand so we took some photos of them with the stand too. I took Maisie, Rissa and Elle and they had a walk round, bouncing on unsuspecting passers by. We saw lots of Belgians there too.
Today we stayed at home and Steve started to teach Teazle to track, she soon started to get the hang of it. It was hot again so we watched the Mens Finals at Wimbledon in the cool and then took Teazle out to play in the field whilst we moved some fencing.

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