Monday, July 6, 2009

The weather has finally broken and there is some air at last--we had some thunder and rain but it was warm in between.
Day 2 of Teazles tracking training and she definitely has got the hang of it. After a successful arced track she had a game with the big orange buoy we have in the field. She got quite manic about it and dribbled it round the field with accompanying barks of delight!
Steve had to go home today but not before we had had an impromptu bread making session. I have wanted to make my own bread for a long time but, only last week, decided to have a go. I was so fed up of buying bread only for it to grow furry jackets within a couple of days and not having any flavour. We made some multi-grain brown bread with cranberries, and tried out a new Rosemary bread recipe for the first time. Steve took his loaves home for Gerry to try out and the verdict was--success! Very tasty, the only problem being that they probably won't last as long as shop bought as they are too nice !

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