Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eleanor Z Kovarny(BV)

Hikka de la Tyvall(L)

Toby Comme un Reve Noir(G)

Grimmendans Honey (T)

Here are some photos from the Belgian Club show in Slovakia where myself and Margy were judging. The weather was wonderful, the venue was in a wooded area with lovely cabins and on site restaurant. The food and company was great and we were made so welcome by Nora and the comittee.

The BIS winner was Grimmendans Honey (T) and RBIS was Toby Comme un Reve Noir (G).

BOB Malinois was Daring Devil du Crepuscule des Loups.
BOB Laekenois was Hikka de la Tyvell.
BVeteran was Eleanor Z Kovarny.
We spent a day in Bratislava which had some beautiful old buildings. The weather was hot and we spent a lovely day eating out on the street restaurants, pottering around the art shops and taking photos.

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