Monday, May 3, 2010

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of Cougar (Ch.Bonvivant Esprit). We suspect he had a blood clot and I found him peacefully lying in his bed on Tuesday evening. He had spent his day playing in the sunshine with his ball, sleeping in the office on his chair and keeping an eye on Cudos the puppy. When the other pups left home he took it upon himself to look after Cudos and slept on his chair so the pup knew he wasn't alone.
Cougar made history, being the first Malinois male Champion in the UK, gaining his crown under the late Terry Thorn. He represented the Malinois many times in the Group ring, was lead dog for the Bonvivant Breeders Team, the last time this year at Crufts where he had taken the RDCC the day before. Cougar loved to show and just couldn't wait to get in the van. Always a gentleman, loved and admired by so many both here and abroad. Sire to many lovely puppies and was the only Malinois to be used here in the UK for the Mal/Laekenois mating, passing on his character and qualities.
Cougar was Top Sire 2009 in Malinois and Laekenois. He represented the Breed at the Contest of Champions, Discover Dogs and was a wonderful Ambassador for the Breed.
Above all, Cougar was my soul mate, always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.....


Bobby said...

What a spirit. From the photos, I could see that wonderful Malinois playfulness. I appreciate the times we get to spend with our furry loved ones.


Mali Mania said...

So sorry to hear your sad news, what a perfect and loyal dog. R.I.P