Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bali arrived in Norway--very lucky that we changed the date from the 15th to the 14th or the eruption of the volcano in Iceland would have cancelled her flight. I think I can safely say that Bali was pleased to meet her new owners, Linda and Kathrine, and she spent her first couple of days with Linda and Ronny. She took her Tigger with her and looks so relaxed in the car on her long journey from Stavanger to Bergen, with 2 ferry crossings. What a big day that was for her. I think she will be very happy in Norway.
Her brother, Cudos, is on his own now and has moved into the house with us. He hasn't stopped using his voice for the last 2 days, but he croaks a bit now. He has been travelling around with the dogs in the van and spent a lovely afternoon up at Carols' yesterday--running in and out of the container as if he did it every day. He went to visit my friends at the kennels this morning and joined their dogs in the kitchen while we had a cuppa. He was quite surprised to meet dogs which weren't Belgians but soon made himself at home pulling a net of lemons out of their veg rack.
Another beautiful warm, sunny day and Barbara and I went for a walk with the dogs. Hard to believe that Ziggy the Collie is almost 11yrs old now, the same age as Bunny (Gwashleas Rigmarole at Bonvivant) pictured at the bottom here.
Chatter and Cruz went on a photo shoot up the field and posed on the straw bale--taking five and rolling around on top of the bale--almost falling off! Then they played hide and seek round the bale before going home for a cool drink.

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