Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A really busy couple of weeks with the BSDA of GB club open show where Cello was BOB and BVet in Breed, Sam was RBD and Res BOB and Deepha BOppSex in Malinois. Remy was BD and BoppSex, Elle won her class, and Cerise was 2nd in Open Bitch. It was a good day out and great to see Gerry and Steve again. Charli the Laekenois puppy came along and took everything in his stride. Penny Draper was there doing her heelwork to music and here is her Yorn daughter Secret doing her stuff!
Some really good training sessions with Cello, Cruz and Caper last week.
Ruger went to his new home with Gill and Simon and has settled in well--the only problem being a bit of sheep worrying (see photo).
This weekend was the Contest of Champions at Heathrow where the Belgians were out in force(Malinois, Tervueren and Groenendael ) and all showed well. All went out in the first round but they looked great. Ann took Deepha and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
Lots of visitors this weekend which was nice. Solli has come for a holiday while Christines' bitches are in season and she took one of the Laeken bitches back for some socialising. Still got pups left here from that litter, all bitches, great characters and very outgoing.
Gaston and Claire arrive wednesday for a few days :) then we are on countdown for Bali to go off to Linda and Kathrine in Norway next week.

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