Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A really nice week with Claire and Gaston visiting from Belgium. The Malinois puppies had their first outing in the sunshine with mum, Chiraze, and had a great time. Bali is off to Norway on Wednesday this week to Kennel Nadjarah where she will be showing and doing agility with Linda and Kathrine. Biper and Chiraze returned with Claire and Gaston to Belgium on Friday just leaving the 2 pups here.
My Mum has been recruited to train Caper on his retrieve and he is very good with her and is careful not to bounce all over her.
It was cold on Saturday when I went to Newark, having volunteered to do stay stewarding and scent decoy, met lots of friends and socialised Caper and Ziva. They both enjoyed the experience and mugged everyone they could. I came home to thaw out!
Today, Barbara and I took Sam, Zig the collie and Cerise to play in the field and they had a great time. Soli the Laekenois is on holiday and posed beautifully for me to take some photos.
It wouldbe nice to think that it will remain sunny for the rest of the week and today the wind had dropped making it so nice to be outside with the dogs.

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