Sunday, September 5, 2010

I can now tell you of the good outcome of one of the Groenendael puppies. Maximouse Minimoose was exactly the same size as the other pups when she was born but, at just over 2 weeks old, she stopped growing. Psyche didn't really want much to do with her and I suspected that something was seriously wrong. Dwarfism is not a problem that we have in Belgians and she was eating, drinking and behaving just like the others. I made Psyche feed her on her own but still she didn't grow. By 6weeks the other pups wanted to treat her as a toy and so she was separated to a pen by the others, so she wouldn't lose contact with her siblings but could not be bullied. I bottle fed her and put her on Psyche on her own too. I had just about given up that she would probably die as there must be something seriously wrong. Despite her lack of stature she was a real little fighter and ate everything she was offered. What a little character she was becoming too. She had what appeared to be entropian in both eyes and could not see out of her left eye at all--things did not look good. Her coat was very odd and she had bald patches appearing. She was by now a quarter of the size of the other pups and weighed just over a kilo. We had 2 healers giving her daily healing which I am sure kept her going.
When we had out Belgian funday I had booked Christine East, the McTimony chiropractor,to come and treat a few dogs. I had told her about Min and she offered to massage her and see if it would help. Min was a livewire but enjoyed her massage--Christine told me that Mins neck was very tight and that she had adjusted one side of her face which was out of alignment.
Min slept most of the next 2 days and I resigned myself to the fact that she probably was fading away---on the 3rd day I woke up to find her looking straight at me and she was as bright as a button! Since then she has been growing daily and now is about 3/4 of the size of her brothers, her dead coat fell out and a new glossy coat grew and bald patches disappeared.. At last she can play with her mother, and demands attention by bouncing up and down barking. I have put some photos of her on here to show you the difference in the last 4 weeks. Of course she is thoroughly spoilt and eats anything from bananas, fish and chips to beef and pineapple!!!! as well as her usual puppy food.
It just goes to show the wonders of healing and massage--we have had some brilliant results before when Brizo trapped a nerve in her back and had displaced some vertebrae-now back to normal---thanks to Christine, Garth and Lesley who have such wonderful gifts.

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Maggii said...

absolutly adorable. it is wonderful what TLC can achieve