Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another week gone by starting with our trip to see Noel Fitzpatrick. Sad news that Cudos has an extra spur of bone in his jaw which,aggravated by his collision with Coppa, has caused major problems. There is an operation but it may or may not be successful and would cost many thousands. The advise is to wait and see if he will cope as he grows. He is still on painkillers so is leading a normal life but, sadly, won't be in the show ring, however he can continue his obedience training which he loves. Off to the chiro on Wednesday to see if she can alleviate some of the pain. I would recommend Fitzpatricks to anyone wanting a referral--we were there for 2 hours and he took loads of x-rays to find the problem. Fantastic state of the art set up and such caring people .
Sunshine at last so have spent all Bank Holiday outside with the dogs. Leslie brought her Grandchildren to see the puppies and they had a great time. Still got 3 Groenendael pups and the Tervueren puppy available--they love retrieving the balls and are such lovely outgoing pups.
Chamonixs Malinois puppies are growing so fast and becoming regular Houdinis.
I had a nice time between the showers photographing Bronte and Harry the Beardie pups and then found some heavily laden bushes of wild plums and Bullaces--just got to find the time to make some jam now.

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