Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Even Cudos lent a paw to help erect the Teepee.

Puppy socialisation, Billy the westie, Totty the collies and buhund pups and Barney and Bronte the beardies

Gerry with her new puppy Raphael

Chamonix with her 6 puppies

Fun with the pups

I cannot believe it is so long since I last blogged, I know so many people have been waiting for the pictures of Psyches' pups, who are now almost 9 weeks old! So now, at last, I have put together some photos of what we have been up to. Loads more pics to put on here but this is a taster.
Psyche had 10 lovely puppies, 7 dogs and 3 bitches, one of which was a tervueren male. They came 6 days early, which was a bit of a shock, but all were well grown and ready.
I qualified both bitch puppy Laekenois at Windsor but, as many of you know, missed my Malinois classes. Apologies to Judge Frank Kane.
Before I knew it the Club show was upon us and Caper was BP Malinois,Cruz RCC dog, Ziva BP bitch Laekenois and her brother Rodney, BPDog. Antar was RBDog Laekenois.
This year we thought we would do something a bit different for our Belgian Fun Day and we had a Teepee with Tarot readings and healing. Everyone joined in putting the Teepee up and even Caper was pulling on the ropes to tighten the canvas.
We also had a canine chiropractor, Fun agility, puppy socialisation and a BBQ, manned by Martin, and Curry (kindly cooked by our curry king Chris).
The weather was against us and many people couldn't make it, but those who came enjoyed themselves. We had a few showers but on the whole it was nice in between.
Gerry and Steve were with us for the week and Gerry was choosing her new puppy. After a thorough going over she chose Raphael (Raffa for short) and they spent a happy time together. Raffa went off exploring and went through the scary bottle hoops and along the ladder on the ground with no problems. After racing round the field with his sister Min he decided to crash a out by Gerry and finish off a well earned cup of tea (Belgians having the perfect cup shaped noses).
Billy the Westie pup, Totty the collie and Bronte the Beardie pups all had a good day socialising and trying out the equipment. Barney the Beardie had his first try at agility and was brilliant, with a bit of assistance from Frieda he was soon going through the tunnel too. Kate enjoyed her day with Megan and Heidi, and Brian the Labrador had a check over from the chiropractor.
We ended the evening with a Shamanic drumming session in the Teepee, accompanied with by Cudos. Thank you Leslie and Di for a wonderful experience.
Chamonix was due to whelp on the Monday but decided to wait until after the Fun Day, so not a lot of sleep that night. She had 6 male puppies and is a very good mum as she was last time.
We ended the week with a Birthday lunch for my Mum with some friends. Back to the normal chaos now so hopefully I will keep up the blog more regularly.
Obedience training with Cruz, Caper and Cudos is coming on well and they really do enjoy it. WKC in a couple of weeks, then Richmond (the last ones with CCs ) and maybe a couple more and that is about all we shall be doing show wise this year. It is becoming so expensive now with entries and the rising costs of fuel we shall be looking forward to more obedience shows and maybe some open shows up at Newark.
Congratulations to all Bonvivant dogs, and relations who have done so well in Agility, Obedience and the show ring this year so far. The future looks exciting with 2 Groenendael puppies(Ceren and Uli) having gone to Chris Paris Brown and Jude Owen, respectively,for Obedience.


Agilitynat said...
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Agilitynat said...

Reno welcomes his half brothers. His Mummy looks beautiful and Reno's expression is really like hers. You can definately tell he is Chamonix and Ronny's pup:)