Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today was the first time I had taken Cruz to an obedience competition to compete, not just a training round. I had drawn first in Beginners and had decided to use this for training before going into Pre-Beginners for real.
It must have been me, as Cruz was on another planet, and we were just not working together. I had had such high hopes today and was quite despondent. We went and did our Beginner stays and he was clear. So onto Pre-Beginners. He was a totally different dog and, although I knew we could have done better, with a couple of exuberent crooked sits, he was with me and listening. Only stays to go and yet again he was clear. I must admit I had watched a couple of other rounds and thought them very good so thought we might get in the placings--I daren't look at the score board so we sat outside the ring and waited for presentations.
I was so surprised when we were called in first!--we had won on our first attempt and received a rosette and a lovely glass photo frame with his award on it! I was so proud of him and it took a while for it to sink in. My trainer, Audrey, was at the side of the ring clapping and I was so pleased that we had not let her down, as it is down to her training that we have come so far in the last year. Thanks Audrey, and also to everyone who congratulated us ringside, and have given me such a lot of encouragement.
So now we can concentrate on Beginners, and Caper and Cudos will have to start off a class higher. Such a lot of work to concentrate on over the winter with the 3 boys and hopefully it is onwards and upwards.

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Mali Mania said...

Congratulations Jan, what a great achievement, especially as it was your first attempt. Send some tips my way. Jo and the Mali mob x