Sunday, August 22, 2010

WKC this saturday and it was a long drive although the weather did stay dry.
Congratulations to a new Champion, Belsharose Nebraska, who got his 3rd CC under Debbie Fleming.( A Cliche son out of Bonvivant Ombrage). RDCC was Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo (Cliche x Ch Revloch O'Baoil). BCC was Ch Revloch O'Baoil and RBCC Bonvivant Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta CSAU,TAN, SCh of Merit. BP was Caper (B. Zippydeedoodah). Cruz won Open Dog, Chic 1st PGB, Lexi 2nd LB.
In Laekenois BB with BOB was Ghiana d'Eroudur and RBB and BP Bonvivant Aziva.BD Haramis d'Eroudur.
It was lovely to see Brima in the ring with Coppa and Ziva her sisters.
In Tervueren B.Ma Cerise at Brackenmeer was VHC in OB.
Today Gill and Simon visited with Ruger(pic top) and we had a lovely day in the sunshine and Simon brought a yummy Lancashire Hotpot for lunch. Mia(terv) arrived for a few days holiday and spent an hour racing round with Caper and Cudos. Tomorrow Remy and Maisie arrive for a couple of days.
On Tuesday Cudos and I are taking a trip to Surrey for a consultation at Fitzpatricks, as he has had a nasty collision with Coppa a few weeks ago, and he has displaced his jaw. He is finding it hard to eat and I am hoping that something can be done to help him. At the moment he is on soft food and painkillers although it doesn't stop him playing rough with Caper!

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