Sunday, August 17, 2008

It has been a really strange week. It all started with having to rush my mother off to hospital as she was really ill. I didn't get back from there until late Monday night when she still hadn't been seen by a doctor! She was in there for a couple of days but has now come out and gone to my sisters for recuperation. Gerry and Steve went home on Tuesday, we had had such a good time and it was really strange without them. They are coming back in September so something to look forward to.
Wednesday Jean Lawless arrived from Ireland to mate Cliche to Toyah, and it was nice to catch up on news and talk Belgians.
Saturday was WKC which meant a really early start. Cliche (pictured above)got his 2nd CC and Chase was RDCC.That was a nerve wracking challenge as Chase is on 2 CCs and looked good too. Heidi, a Cliche daughter, was BP at her first show (pic above), Lexi got her first RCC beating her mother Celine, who hates indoor shows,(any shows really other than agility), but won Open Bitch only to go on strike and refuse to show in the challenge. Later in the day we went in the Breeders' Stakes and her ears were on top of her head--typical! We were beaten in the challenge by the Australian Terriers. It was a late one, arriving home around 11pm, quick feed and then bed--dogs and people totally exhausted. I have missed most of today as was too tired to do much so the dogs just sunbathed and dozed until feedtime. Rain forecast for the next few days again but I must start some ring training for Udall and Vogue.
Jo and Nige are coming to stay as Chamonix is in season and is being mated to Ronnie, to produce the flyball team litter we hope. They should definitely have some speed and agility! Ronnie has been doing his flyball pairs and individual and won with incredible times, he also went up a grade in agility this weekend. Kiah has won another Jumping class too!!!I'll catch up with the official results for these and Rusty in the next few days.

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