Monday, August 11, 2008

It was the 3rd day of the KC Agility Festival today and we decided to take the puppies for a day out to watch . It is quite local, at Peterborough Showground so we got there around lunchtime and met up with Jo and Nige and Karin. Gerry and Steve, Lisa and myself then had a walk round and saw lots of Belgians and people we know. I wanted to take a few photos and got some of Indi and Keisha competing. Poor Keisha was just about to enter the weaves when a gust of wind took someones bag which went straight across the ring and hit her in the face, fortunately they were allowed to run again. Indi is heading for the tunnel having just landed over a jump. I think Gerry enjoyed herself chatting to everyone despite some horrid squally rain showers, then the sun came out and it was quite hot. It was great to meet up with Di and Riley too(Remys' brother). The pups weren't fazed by anything -tannoys, barking dogs etc and then Nige and Jo told me that they wanted to take Pudsey home with them!!! They had fallen for his whiskery charms earlier in the week and he went off happily in the van with his seaside Chums, Ronnie,Keisha and Kody. This litter seem to take everything in their stride!I had a text tonight from Pudsey saying he was just fine and had had his dinner and was ready for bed in his new home. It was sad to see him go but he will have a wonderful time with Jo, Nige and the Mali-Mania mob (they might have to think of renaming the mob now).
So it's just me and Vogue now, and she seemed quite happy about it-but then she always knew she was the only one who was going to stay :))-she has such a lovely expression and watches my face all the time. Tonight she has Teazle for company but she will have to come indoors after Tuesday when Gerry and Steve take Teazle and Kyp home. We went for a Roast dinner tonight which Chris cooked for us and tomorrow we are hopefully heading off to the beach with the puppies again--weather permitting.

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