Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday was an early start, picking up Sue,Jacqui and son Josh, 3Buhunds,3Sibes and Lexi--and a cockerel. Quite a combination, one Sibe having raided anything it could lay its paws on--and throwing up, and the cockerel being quiet at first, but soon inciting the Sibes to riot with its clucking. I blame Debbie Fleming ! hehe !! as the cockerel was for her. All arrived at Birmingham Ch Show in one piece.

I had only taken Chino and Brizo for AVNSC and we had good results under Judge, Ann Arch; Bonvivant Lumiere BDog, Brizo had a 2nd in OB, and Lexi B.Symbolique at Tokyn) won her Junior class and was RBBitch. Bonvivant Tatienne had a 4th in PB and VHC in JB.

Wendy was competing in the KC Agility qualifiers and I went to the car park to see Bristle, who has really grown lately, and he was very happy to give lots of hugs and bristly kisses.

It was a very humid day and a good excuse to eat lots of lovely ice-cream.

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