Sunday, May 10, 2009

I forgot to mention the Breeders Team class--this is the second time we have done it and I must say it does give a bit more flexibility being able to choose your team on the day. It was a shame that Chamonix was unable to be there as she was in full season or I could have made two teams of four up.
This team comprised of Crusoe,Vienna, Deepha and Sam and I think it worked quite well.
Both club shows are holding breeders team classes at the August Championship shows which should be a spectacle, I hope more people get interested in these as they are a showcase for the breeders. It should be quite good, I wonder how many teams I can make up as I think there will be quite a few puppies entering this time as well. What a shame we only have CC status for Malinois at the BSDA of GB show on the Sunday, not at Norbel on the Saturday.

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