Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The weather has been cold, wet and windy for the past few days and Celine is not impressed, so to cheer her up I let her have the end of the yoghurt pot. She loves yoghurt and ended up wearing quite a bit of it as it was a large pot and she had to put her face in it to reach the bottom!
David and Russty are now in Prague with the UK team for the BSD World Champs so Best of Luck to you all. Competitions start Friday with a training session tomorrow. I will keep you informed as to how they get on.
Cello has been training again and is getting the hang of his retrieve. I wasn't feeling brilliant so messed up his heelwork--must try harder!
Speedy is in the doghouse as he has been "finding" wires that have been tucked away out of his grasp, but I don't think Jackie can be cross with him for long as he is such a handsome chap :))

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