Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry for the delay in writing up my blog but it has been a busy couple of weeks with so much going on and not feeling brilliant due to some virus that I can't seem to shake off. On the 3rd lot of antibiotics now so fingers crossed I will be feeling a bit better soon.
The chickens have arrived and are already laying, 3 hens, 1 cockerel and some young pullets.
I travelled to Scotland for the NBSDC open show where Brizo was BOB Laekenois, Cher was BB and Celine RBB. Gerry and Steve had a lovely day with Kyp winning BD, BOB and BVet in Breed, winning the Noirnuage trophy which they had donated many years ago and had previously won with Peg. Scarlett, Brittanys' Groenendael bitch won her Junior class and was RBB.
SKC the next day and Cliche had the RDCC. Scarlett won her class again and Celine had a 3rd. Lexi won her class too, as did Dana.
It was an eventful weekend having to sleep in the van in a car park the first night due to the booked campsite not letting vans on the site! We found a very nice site saturday which wasn't officially open so we had it to ourselves. It was a late return home on Sunday night.
Monday and Tuesday were spent trying to finalise arrangements for Yvre to fly out to Estonia on Wednesday and having to make sure we had everything done on her Passport. An early drive to Gatwick where I met Tormi, Tiias' nephew. Yvre travelled really well with Grandpa Cello and walked past the roadworks, through the multi-storey carpark, I carried her up the elevators and then she trotted through the airport making friends along the way. She took it all in her stride and only when I had to put her in her crate and say goodbye did she start to cry. I made a swift exit and set off home-it isn't easy for me to say goodbye to my pups at the best of times.
Tiia sent me photos of her arrival at Riga and then of her exploring her beautiful new home. I think she will be very happy and hopefully will be an asset to the Xillys' kennel.
I spent Saturday at Carols and took Chic and Yazoo to play with Darcy which they thought was great fun. Sunday was another early start to travel to Bath Champ show with Barbara. It was a glorious day, dare I say too hot! unheard of for many years at Bath. Only a single ticket which went to Cliches' half sister Camylle. Cliche was BD and BOppSex with Sam RBD. Celine won OB.
Dana had a 1st and a 3rd. Not enough for a breeders class unfortunately. Antar was RBD Laekenois. We had a cuppa in the carpark and the dogs crashed out in the shade while we waited for it to cool down to travel home so back just before midnight. No shows for a while, missed a lot of entries--so many closing at once this time of year.
Great news from Erica that Arien, a Yorn daughter, has had 5 puppies to Tal'q, a Taeus son this weekend.
On the Agility front the dogs have been really busy with Ronnie going Grade 5 and Rusty winning her first Agility CC !!!!! Lots of other placings too for the Bonvivant dogs.
Last but not least news from abroad that Chiraze has taken the CAC and BOB at Namur !!!! Thankyou Claire and Gaston.
I have missed a few bits of news out but will catch up again another day.

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