Monday, June 1, 2009

Poor Sophie (Bonvivant Galadriel) owned by Lisa and Chris, was really ill this week with a pyometria and a tear in her stomach wall which caused her to have serious infection. Too ill to be operated on as her temperature was over 105.6 she had massive doses of antibiotic. Touch and go as to whether she would survive the op she was spayed and cleaned out. She is making a good recovery and hopefully will soon return to her normal naughty self.
A sad day Tuesday as it was Carols' fathers' funeral, a lovely service he would have thoroughly approved of.
Saturday I drove over to see the litter by Cliche to Czara, a lovely even litter just such a shame it was so hot and, having got lost going there, I was late and the pups were so tired I didn't get many pics of them other than asleep! Marion went with me to choose her puppy dog and will go to collect him next weekend.
Sunday I went to socialise the remaining puppies at a small companion show and Carol Hall went with me. She took Cerise, who is maturing nicely now, Psyche and Crusoe went too. Psyche was second in Prettiest bitch and won the Best Condition class. The puppies took it all in their stride as usual with Elle managing to escape and create havoc (as usual). They had lots of admirers and then crashed in the van whilst we had a picnic. A nice change to relax with the dogs in the sunshine.
Cello has his usual training night this week and a day course as well--looking forward to that but wish we had had more time to practice !
Dare I say I feel a bit better this weekend--need some more energy though. I think the sunshine helps after such a long winter.

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