Monday, June 22, 2009

What a busy week, and I did intend to update a lot sooner but the time just sped by. I had some lovely photos sent to me this week. Two from Bridgit of Tiva, one of her looking like something out of Return of the Jedi with her sandy boots on, and one of her at an exemption show getting her Rosette. Max is having a great time and is seen here relaxing with his equine friend--what a great photo.
Yukon, a Chili son is looking good on the settee and has been busy making friends at the agility shows.
It has been another chicken week--we now have six chicks--only a few days old, but they are growing so fast! In the next few days we are going to try hatching some eggs from various rare breed eggs--fingers crossed we will have little chicks by mid-july (hopefully we will get a good hatch rate). We have been making pens for when they are big enough to go out and I will post before,during and after photos. The hens are beginning to lay a few eggs now and they are quite fascinating to watch. I shan't be showing them though :)) I never knew there were so many different breeds and we have been visiting a local rare breeds farm, being followed by goslings and even seeing a newly hatched Rhea chick--amazing creature.
The weather, on the whole, has been glorious, and the dogs have all had plenty of run time-hopefully getting a bit fitter after such a long winter of cold,wet weather. More obedience training for Cello and Cruz and they are definitely getting a lot better despite my rusty handling--you never know we may be ready to compete by next year ! I must take some more photos but I have been catching up on more mundane kennel jobs and lots of grooming.
I went to see Fidget who is due to whelp any day, she is enormous but very cheerful despite looking as if she might explode at any moment!

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