Sunday, June 14, 2009

There aren't enough hours in a day lately. Busy week with two training sessions for Cello and Crusoe, both boys were well behaved and enjoyed themselves. Three more hens have arrived, this time Speckeldys, so now there are 6 hens with theis rather handsome Maran cockerel. We have been clearing a new area in the field where we can put up some new runs and we have some Silver Lace Wyandottes on the way. Getting a few eggs every day which is nice.
Managed to get a few shots of the guinea pigs too today, the dark one is ancient and very much the matriarch-must be about 5 years old now. Very old in Guinea pig years.
The weather has been lovely so the dogs all got a turn out in the paddock. Chris came over and got mugged by Yaz who hasn't heard that Malinois are wary at all--he launched himself and landed in his lap for a cuddle. Chic had a cuddle too but preferred to play with her toys. It won't be long before they are out in the ring now--their first shows will be at the back to back club show in August.
Hope the weather will be fine that week as we have our usual camping here with a training day and BBQ on the 5th with Wendy Fairlamb taking the agility sessions. Get in touch if you want to come along @£6 a dog --should be a good day with all ages and standards catered for. Looking forward to meeting up with lots of Belgian owners and having fun-we are hoping to get to the beach too with a picnic one day that week.

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