Monday, June 29, 2009

WOW what a weekend !! There was me just doing my dogs at home when I got a phonecall to say that Ann Brown with Deepha had not only gone BOB but won the Pastoral Group at Blackpool Championship show, making Breed history, being the only Malinois Ever to win a Group at this level in the UK !!! We will definitely be celebrating this win when they come down to stay in a couple of weeks time!

Meanwhile Grace with Kiah won Grade 3 Agility and is now into Grade 4. What a star !
Jo has had a good weekend too. Keisha won Novice Jumping,Novice Agility and 4th in Power and Speed; Kody 4th Primary Jumping,Ronny 1st Primary Agility and 2nd Primary Jumping. In Flyball the Brickyard Bandits were 3rd with a time of 20.05. In the ABC pairs Ronny and kody were 2nd and Ronny won the ABC Singles !! A great videoclip of Pudsey (Laekenois) doing his first Flyball run on Jos' blog (link below mali-mania).
Well Done everyone for keeping the Bonvivant flag flying!!!!!

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