Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy week as usual with lots of visitors to see the dogs. Cello had two training days and worked really well. Ewa and Benjamin came to stay for the weekend with Dodi and Vialli. Dodi and Tia had a good game in the field.

The dogs have had a lot of paddock time as the weather has held for a few days and the pups have spent lots of time playing out there. Chic and Yazoo went to the vets as it was time for Chics' bloodtest, they were very well behaved and took it all in their stride. I managed to catch up on some much needed grooming but still a few more to do. The birds have all got fur lined nests now !

The paddocks had a good strim and look really smart but we have got lots of repairs to do to the gates.

Four new additions on the chicken front witrh a trio of Cuckoo Marans and a Blue Belle hen so we had to erect a new pen and utilise an old kennel which, fortunately, had pop holes. No eggs yet but they have got to settle in.

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