Friday, January 29, 2010

Apologies for not updating but it has been really busy here with Chiraze arriving home. Gaston travelled over from Belgium on Sunday morning and will stay until the puppies are born. Chiraze has her whelping box ready in the study and is due any day now. The radiograph taken last week showed only 4 puppies which are all spoken for already. I am praying that there is at least one bitch for Linda in Norway.
The Laekenois puppies are 4 weeks old and are well into their puppy food. Their characters are beginning to emerge and are all very cheeky. Most have big coats and look very different from Malinois puppies. Their masks are still quite well defined, as was Brizos' when she was a puppy.
There are still puppies available from this litter.
Caper is growing really fast now and I tried Yazoos' collar on him and could hardly do it up!!!
Cruz went back to training this week and he has really come on mentally and physically over the winter. Hard to think that he is almost 2 years old now.
I hope that the "Y" litter ( Yukon, Lili and Darcy ) had a good 1st birthday. Chic and Yaz had some treats.
The sprout pickers arrive before 5 o'clock every morning, talking and shouting, then the machines start--poor Gaston has not had much sleep either. The road is now a ploughed up track so we have not had many visitors :(.
More news and photos very soon.

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