Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A bit of catching up to do! The weather was too bad for me to get to Boston Ch Show and my van isn't very good on ice so it just wasn't worth the risk-a drawback of living out in the sticks. Very disappointing, but Bridgit travelled down from Scotland and called in for a visit on her way home which was lovely. She brought Tiva and Rio (and her brother Shaun) to see us and we had a very cold walk up the lane to get a bit of steam off the dogs before their long drive home.
Caper is 14 weeks old now and growing really fast. The Laekenois pups are thriving and peep out of their slitty eyes but are really more interested in sleeping off their milk. Termite is a good mother but gets bored babysitting so has decided to designerdog my whelping kennel. :(( inside and out!
News from Belgium that Chiraze is definitely in whelp and will be travelling home very soon :))
It is snowing again!! We had a couple of days where it began to thaw, which brought the new problem of ice skating-even the sure footed Belgians had trouble staying upright. So back to the crunchy white stuff--will it ever end? So far so good though, at least the water hasn't frozen again this week but it is an endless round of lugging water round dogs and chickens.
Freezing fog and sleet tonight--let's see what happens tomorrow.

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