Sunday, January 3, 2010

There is something about snow which makes even the laziest of dogs-like Celine--have a funny five minutes. Caper was so relieved that the snow was back so he didn't have to rush in to use his paper-very strange puppy. He is growing so fast and has legs like tree trunks but is so agile. His new trick is to jump up onto the dining table, steal something, then run off again (via the chair) before anyone spots him. Shades of Celine who, as a puppy, was often found standing on the table!
The chickens appreciated cold but dry and sunny today and at the first snow flurry head under the caravan. This is one of the beautiful Faverolle hens in her winter muff and leg warmers.
Well below freezing again tonight and I have to keep the washing machine going all night to stop the pipes freezing again. More rounds of water buckets as the hose pipe will not thaw out. Yorn is very grateful he got a new puffa rug for Christmas in Emperor purple! as befits his Royal Highness!

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