Friday, September 19, 2008

It has been a very productive week with a digger and dumper and loads of concrete. Every year we try and get a project done, last year it was the new kennel block in the yard, this year was to finish the concrete round the back kennels and get the concrete ready for the runs on the main kennel block. Martin and Steve volunteered to come and help-and play on the machines-and there has been a lot of earth moving experiences.Gerry and I managed to avoid getting too involved and just supplied tea at regular intervals. We also went off and had a morning out with Carol and her Dad. There was no shortage of volunteers to help including Garth on the dumper and Zinka on the digger. The pop-holes and brickwork will have to wait until next year now but at least the concrete is down (even if some Malinois had a quick dash over it on their way in from the field-oops! ). Gerry and Steve went home Thursday night and I won't see them now until LKA when Teazle has her first Champ show outing.

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