Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We went to puppy agility with Solo and Vogue and they had a good time. They met some Border Collies and had a good game and Bristle was pleased to see them. On to ringcraft with Udall. This was there first time and they were really wel behaved and made lots of new friends.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse we went to Darlington. The mud was horrific and even worse than Richmond! I ended up carying dogs to the ringside, which was a futile gesture really as, by the time we went into our class the dogs were plastered in mud again. Udall was 2nd PD,but behaved really well for his first show. Bruine was 2nd in PGDog. Brizo was 2nd in OB Laekenois. Lexi was BB,Ciel was BV and RBB, and Cougar was BD and BOB with Sam RBD. Bruine had VHC in the Open Dog Stakes and Lexi was 2nd in the Open Bitch Stakes.

It was great to see Carol out at a show again and Brittany had Udalls' sister Scarlet at her first show too. Scarlet was 2nd PB. Jane had brought Jazz, the dog I gave the CC to at LKA last year and he got his 2ndCC and BOB with Carol handling him. They went on to an amazing 3rd in the Pastoral Group!!!

Sunday dawned sunny and dry! Gerry and Steve had arrived Saturday night so we went out to a local Companion show two minutes down the road. I took Udall, Bruine and Psyche and Carol and Brittany joined us with Scarlet, Breazle and Basil. We took the Laekenois pups too,; Vogue, Antar and Teazle and Sue and Pete met us there with Frizzle to socialise. They went in the Brace class, Sue and Steve took two each--that was entertaining. Bruine won his class and went on to BIShow! and we won a silver tray and a lovely rosette. The show was to raise money for the Greyhound Trust and they had a super raffle--we all won at least two prizes. It was nice to have a day out relaxing with the dogs in the sunshine.

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