Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was Edwinstowe evening show today which was a nice change midweek. Udall had 4th in AVNSC puppy and Psyche 1st in Open. It was good experience for Udall as Newark is really noisy but he took it all in his stride as usual. He spent most of his time watching dogs moving round the ring next to us and generally bouncing about having a good time. It certainly wore him out and he came home, had his dinner and went straight to bed.
It was good to catch up with lots of friends and see lots of puppies out for their first time. No other Belgians there though. I like the Open shows and we have lots at Newark throughout the winter months, they are great for socialising youngsters in a more relaxed atmosphere than Champ shows. I am going up to watch the Obedience at the weekend and will no doubt catch up with people I haven't seen for ages. I would really like to start competing again so I'd better brush up on my training--when I can decide who would like to have a go!

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