Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday was agility and Celine and Chatter worked really well, they hadn't forgotten much despite not having been training for a few months now. Bristle is really growing up now and is a keen enthusiast on the sidelines yodelling his mate Scout on. Vogue didn't seem too impressed and found a crisp packet far more interesting--I think maybe she would enjoy obedience more. Vogue, Udall and Basil had a very good weekend of socialisation up at Newark with a breed show on Saturday and an Obedience show Sunday. I met up with a lot of friends and the puppies had a good time and were exhausted by the time we got home.Monday night is ringcraft and all three will be going to meet up with Udalls' sister Scarlet for some training. They have had a wander round the halls after the shows were over so they should only have to get used to all the dogs tomorrow night. It is a good venue as its really noisy which should stand them in good stead for the indoor Champ shows. They have a ringcraft training as well as a matchnight on the same evening once a month and it is much bigger than our local ringcraft on a Wednesday. The weather has been lovely this weekend and I am hoping it will be fine for the BSDA club show next weekend too.

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