Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have been offline for a while but found lots to keep me busy!
Caper is now 5 weeks old and has had his first explore outside today. He is a very good puppy but has learnt how to get out of his playpen and is usually found asleep on a vetbed near Celine or eating (his favourite pastime). He is good during the night but then Celine opens the gate for him and he climbs up the duvet to wake me up. The photos start at 4 weeks where he was making himself comfy on the settee and watching a bit of TV (shades of his Great Grandma Cachet), He hasn't a spare bit of skin due to the full cream milk diet Celine is giving him. She plays nicely with him and he is quite the timewaster when he is pouncing on her tail or hanging off her ears. He is learning to come when called and does a little sit too--he is already enrolled on his first puppy course along with Cello and Cruz. Zippy loved obedience when he was a youngster so hopefully he will follow in his pawprints. He has had his collar on already and, although it makes him walk like a crab at times, he isn't too bad about it.He is definitely a character and, hopefully, will be of real use to the breed too when he grows up. I have started his little black book already :)) .

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