Monday, November 23, 2009

Sadly I lost my two old this weekend-they must have been about 8yrs old which is old for Guinea Pigs.
Caper is 6 weeks old now and a cheeky chap. He insisted on trotting through some stinging nettles and then held his paw up to say how much it hurt. Celine is very tolerant but he is starting to play a bit rougher now and she does put him in his place.
Yesterday was the meeting to discuss Inter Variety mating between Groenendael and Tervueren. It was held at the new KC building at Stoneleigh with Jeff Sampson.
Cross registration(Groenendael in Tervueren litters/Tervueren in Groenoendael litters) has now been allowed indefinitely.
A Breeders Commission will be formed with three candidates from each of the three clubs (BSDA,NBSDC and WBSDS) which will assess each individual claim for IV matings and then submit them to the KC. A letter will be printed in the dog papers shortly inviting anyone who wishes to be put forward to stand on this committee to submit a CV, detailing their interest and knowledge of the breed, to one of the breed clubs for consideration.

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