Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday was the first day of Discover Dogs at Earls Court in London. I took Cruz,Brizo and Psyche along and met up with Karin and Iris and Martin. Karin had made a fabulous display board of Indi and Lowland Search Dog information. Karin took Indi and Yukon and they were brilliant, real ambassadors for the breed, meeting the general public, along with Cruz who would get a good job at Asda as a meet and greet employee. Martin took Antar and Zinka and were joined, periodically, by Brizo who was working the crowd and booth hopping along with Psyche. Cruz was especially good as he got almost sat on by a very enthusiastic young Guide Dog, and a terrier whose owner had no idea what her dog was doing at the end of a flexi lead. Children were duly washed and hugged and we had a lot of comments from people at how they always get a good welcome from the Belgians.
Caroline was there with Otto, Bonvivant Hazur, and was the only Belgian running in the Starters Agility Finals that day. He was just pipped to 2nd in the Jumping by a Kelpie, and was 4th in the Agility and overall 4th. Well Done Caroline, I know you were very nervous but you did us proud.
The booths all looked lovely, adorned with Belgian flags and beautiful photos and lovely Belgians of all four varieties.
What a tiring day, I don't know how people do both days or maybe I'm getting old. Thankfully I travelled with Jacqui and Sue, but it took us hours to get out of London. I have done"not a lot" today and the dogs were really tired too.
David, Candice, Grace and Alex volunteered to do Sunday and I can't wait to see the pics as they had leaflets, stickers and t-shirts made especially and were taking Kiah, Rusty and Tia.
Thankyou to all of you for volunteering, it is nice to see such enthusiasm and pride in your dogs, and putting something back into the breed.

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