Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wet, windy and blustery this week but Yaz and Chic enjoyed a game of tug with an old strap they found in the garden. They spent ages racing around.
The chickens nearly got blown away and have decided it is just too miserable to lay any eggs.
Training went really well with Cello and Cruz and I must get some competitions organised for next year.
Christmas party the first week in December and we are having a competition drawing each others dogs name and then have to do some basic exercises. I don't think many people want to draw Cellos' name out of the hat--can't think why not :)) he gets a bit enthusiastic about the treats and does the Mali snap which sounds far worse than it is (as long as they don't use liver cake Lol!)
Caper is growing so fast now and he will start his training in the New Year. I am really looking forward to training him as he is so like his dad Zippy. Weaning him may pose a bit of a problem as Celine shows no sign of discouraging him and he eats his dinners as well as having the milk bar. He is into everything now and likes watching daytime TV crashed out on a duvet. I found him lying on top of Celine today chewing her ears and she is too tolerant really.
News from Belgium that Chiraze should be mated this week to Strike, so maybe she will be home soon.

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