Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A busy day yesterday with a trip to the vets to get Lexis' bloodtest done for her passport.
Chris came round to take some photos and this one is of Bonvivant Sauvignon avec Zodantta (Kobra) owned in partnership with Ann Brown.
Ann went home today and rang to say that her car had caught fire when she stopped at the services! She got Deepha and Kobra out and a couple of men helped her to dowse the fire. It must have been an electrical fault, just a good job that it didn't happen when she was driving on the motorway.
Ringcraft night at Newark so I went with Barbara and Sam (B.Sauvignon) and took Remy and Lexi. It is a really busy ringcraft with a Matchnight and Lexi won her round.
I moved the pups down to the puppy room today and they were busy exploring. I put a small water bowl down and they all spotted it; one by one they came over to investigate and were very bold and dipped their noses in to see what was in it. They are getting more co-ordinated today and will soon be running round.

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