Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yesterday was very pleasant weather in between the rain and at last I got the opportunity to take some photos of the pups. Jo and Nige came over to get Ronnie hip scored, a difference of over an hundred pounds at their vets to mine. I took Chamonix for hers too. The x-rays look good so we just have to wait for the results--I am still waiting for some scores from late February! We had a good day catching up on doggy gossip and taking loads of photos of all the dogs. Christines' Tala was probably the most difficult as she was like a tornado passing but we got some in the end. She is by Lisa Jordans' dog Kane to Dula and should definitely be able to jump! Nice to see how the lines breed on from Taeus to Meerkat in both her and Asta, who is a Yorn daughter.

Great news from Ann that Kobra has passed his Bronze Good Citizens test.

Brizo has been really restless tonight so I will stay up with her, no doubt she will get some sleep while I don't ! She is due to her first mating tomorrow so we must be getting near now, fingers crossed.

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