Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sophie and pups are doing well, all very contented.
I went to see Bruines litter yesterday, really well boned pups with lovely straight fronts, good body shapes, big coats and outgoing attitudes.
Sunshine at last today and a chance for the Groenendael puppies to see more of the great outdoors. Psyche kept them company all day in the puppy pen and we had quite a few visitors come by to say hello. I abandoned the newspaper, we must have got through quite a few trees in the last week or so, and replaced the bedding with shavings.They are much easier to manage once they get to this age, and warm to snuggle up in after a day out. Psyche was exhausted having to babysit the mob, who were cheerfully ripping up cardboard boxes and playing with their toys, despite the big dogs barking when people arrived. Let's hope we get a few days of sunshine now as they really need to see more goings on and maybe even the lawnmower!

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