Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am so fed up of being cold today that I decided to look for a video with some sunshine in it to cheer us up. This is of Bonvivant Harmonie (Blitz, sister to Celine and Stellar) at the KC International Festival at Peterborough a couple of years ago. Clare and Blitz have now moved to Tenerife where hopefully they will have found somewhere to train and compete.

Wendy Fairlamb came over today to play with the Groenendael puppies, which had a great time bombing up and down the mobile home. I hope the weather cheers up this week as they really need to spend more time out in the puppy run watching the goings on in the garden and, hopefully, going out up the field with Psyche. They have had their "noises" tapes on today again and didn't seem unduly bothered by anything, even coming back to have a good look when one of them somehow took the metal grill off the gas fire (not connected).

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