Friday, April 18, 2008

Tried in vain to put news and pics on yesterday-so will put some extra on today.
An eventful day with Sophie showing no sign at all of whelping, a scan revealed a rather large puppy; so in she went for a caesarian. She had one live puppy, the others seemingly reabsorbed, which was a shame, especially for Lisa and Chris' first litter at home. Fortunately Carol had just had a bitch whelp the night before and kindly drove down with three pups for Sophie to foster. Immediately the single puppy snuggled in and went to sleep, relieved to have found his siblings. Sophie looked a bit shocked that her pups had multiplied when she had nipped out for a wee, but soon settled down and nursed all four. (she has been reluctant to go out of sight just in case more turn up). Lisa reported a peaceful night and a very content mum and pups.

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