Monday, April 28, 2008

A very busy few days with WELKS yesterday at Malvern. The weather was very variable with sunshine and showers. In Tervueren Remy had 2nd in Puppy Dog, Bruine a 3rd in PGrad Dog, and Dusty, who has been on holiday with us this week, had a 4th in PGrad Bitch. In Malinois Junior Kobra was 1st, Lexi 2nd and Dana 3rd. Cougar won Open Dog and Deepha won Open Bitch. Cougar BD,Kobra RBD. Deepha BB and BOB and Lexi RBB. The Malinois were 2nd in the Breeders Stakes.
The Belgians all looked good in the group and it was lovely to see Corsini Chanel win the Group. After a quick cuppa in the car park I set off, only to find that they had closed the A52 so I had to make a detour up to Newark to get home, which I really could have done without as, by this time, I was really tired.
Today has been busy with Sue Bright coming over to see the Groenendael pups this morning and then we set to a bit of gardening, helped by Celine. We went for a nice stroll with Brizo round the setaside and I had a play with my new to me camera. Christine had been helping us all afternoon and we took Tala with us to help dig up some saplings for the end of the field.

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