Monday, July 14, 2008

It has been such a busy week with lots of visitors. Sue and Jo came over from Guernsey to collect the puppy Venus on Thursday and went back to Poole on Fridayand were travelling back to Guernsey Saturday. Sue has two Tervueren already and is going to do Obedience and a bit of showing with Venus.

Saturday morning was an early start off to Malvern for Working & Pastoral Brizo went with us and was really pleased to be back at a show, despite the weather which really couldn't make up its' mind whether it was scorching hot or teeming with rain.

In Malinois Capi (Bonvivant Limoge) had the RDCC, Bonvivant Saumur (Sam) was BPD, Bonvivant Sorciere was BPB and BP. It was a relatively small entry of 18 which is a shame as I can see us losing the CCs if we don't keep the numbers up. Showing is getting so expensive with the cost of fuel now I can't see how most of us are going to afford to keep showing, and I for one, cannot enter the number of dogs I would like to.

In Laekenois Brizo was BB and BOB and flew round the ring. I was so proud of her as her pups are only 10weeks old and it has been hard work to get her fit to show again so quickly, and get her undercarriage back up.

We went in the Breeders Stakes with the Malinois and won it, which is a first time at this show, and I collected the trophy which is an enormous cut crystal goblet, beautiful, but I must admit to considering keeping it in the box in case it gets damaged!

Sunday was a lovely sunny day and it was great to chill out and have friends over with plenty of Belgian chat and puppies playing in the garden.

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