Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday was a lovely day and I went up to see Carols' new Buckskin foal and take some photos. Chatter had her hip score done on Tuesday and the plates look very good. Today Frizzle came to play with her brother and sister and she is looking a very Laekenois puppy now. They were hot and bothered and didn't want to much running around so lay in the clover patch. Poor Pudsey got stung by a wasp on his foot so was on three legs for a while but seems ok tonight. I was attacking the ragwort tonight, it blows over from the setaside and it has to be pulled up by hand but it is getting less every year. They don't seem to worry about it in this county, but it was always illegal not to remove it in Herefordshire, apart from it being so poisonous to horses I ften wonder if it has any ill effects for dogs. I always wear gloves as it is supposed to be very nasty if it gets on your skin. I strimmed a couple of paddocks as well as the grass seeds are getting into the dogs coats and ears.
Ann sent me this photo of Solli which she took on Thursday, and he is definitely a very hairy chap. It is going to be quite exciting once they come out in November. News from Wendy that Bristle has grown a beard whilst she was away last weekend ! I hope the weather is a bit cooler tomorrow, it was quite unbearably hot and humid today with millions of thunderbugs, even the windows were covered at one point, and they are horrid when they get in your hair and on your face.

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