Sunday, July 20, 2008

There has been so much going on this weekend. On Saturday we went off to a fun day to do a bit of socialising with the pups. Udall even won a couple of rosettes in Best Dog and Dog the judge would like to take home. They had an agility display and then a Have a Go Agility so I took Celine round it--she blasted round and had remembered all her contacts. Then there was a working trials demonstration and we were invited to go back and watch the dogs working the next day too. I had arranged to go to Empingham to see Diane and Martin with Riley so I went to watch the tracking and search squares and then went on to the agility show. By the time I got there and had been mugged by Riley and had a cuppa they were making the last presentations, so I took Brizo and Vogue for a walk round to get the puppy used to lots of other dogs and people. Vogue was really good and wanted to have a look at everything. We met lots of friends and had a chat with Belgian owners--there were lots there.
Jo and Nige had a good few days with agility at EMDAC and then Flyball today. They had lots of places with Ronnie and Keisha and they had their fastest time of 19.97 seconds with the Brickyard Bandits winning 4 races but losing the last to come in 2nd.
News from Helen that Vienna (Bonvivant Nonpareil at Stonedragon) was BIS at the Isle of Wight Limit show, pictured here with Sam and the trophy.
Kate took Heidi swimming with Brian the labrador and sent some great pics.
David with Rusty got the RCC in the Agility Champ class today ! It is the "K" litters' birthday today so they have definitely been celebrating in style.
Frances with Isla (Bonvivant Quichotte) went to her first show today (Worthing and DCS) and had 4thJ,2ndPG and a 3rd in Open.
I am sure there have been lots of other Bonvivants' enjoying the weekend too, I am sure they will let me know what they have been up to.

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