Thursday, July 3, 2008

A very strange thing happened this morning---Ciel had an abcess come up on her shoulder last week which ended up with me carting her off to the vets' for a check up. He prescribed antibiotics and said to let it drain naturally and not fiddle with it. She had also started another on her other shoulder. With the warm weather I was a bit concerned as it was oozy that it may get flystrike so had a good look, I gave it a bit of a squeeze and something came out of it----her microchip! It was implanted in 2000 and after all this time I can only think that with age she doesn't have the fat or muscle to keep it away from her shoulderblade. Anyway I checked it out with my scanner, yep same old number, and then rang Petlog to see what they had to say. They were quite shocked and put me in touch with the maker, Bayer, who are going to contact my vet. It will be interesting to see what they say next. Petlog said they would re-chip her for free but at 11.5yrs old I don't think so. Ciel was much happier after it came out--it was about half an inch long--and has been bouncing about all day. Conall and Amy arrived from Ireland and chose a dog puppy to take home tomorrow. Conall is a Field Biologist so their new edition will have a lovely outdoor life and hopefully will be tracking wild mammals in Galway.!

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