Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yvonne came today to pick up her puppy, Brye, and it was lovely to see Janice too. They had travelled from Wales. Yvonne wants to do agility, obedience and a bit of showing. The weather was glorious but very humid so the pups just wanted to crash out in the shade.
Later in the day the four remaining pups were introduced to a tunnel and they soon got the hang of it with the aid of a few treats. In fact they were racing through, turning and racing back the other way! As you can see their run is now littered with the last few bits of their cardboard box and a lot of stuffing from a nice toy--much more fun than the toy itself!
The kennels have been having a springclean, brushing and hoovering a mass of cobwebs and dust--it accumulates so fast.The dogs have all been out in the paddocks enjoying the sunshine as the forecast doesn't look too good for the rest of the week--let's hope they get it wrong and we have more sun.

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