Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rhodes and Keona have come for their holidays and have been enjoying some playtime in the paddocks. Keona keeps the young lad in his place but he has been busy destroying the plastic dogbeds and using them upside down as springboards. (Mind you I caught Keona at it too).
It's a full time job keeping up with blowing coats at the moment and the yard is fur-lined, poor dogs don't know what season it is at the moment but we have had a lovely few days sunshine. One thing for sure the birds all have furlined nests and they are all on their second broods and are hammering the bird feeders. I had to stop today for about thirty swallows on the ground, which is very unusual, then for a partridge and two chicks and a pheasant with three sauntering up the lane.
Monday I took the two remaining puppies for their second vaccination and met Wendy with Bristle at the vets. That done we went back for a cuppa and Bristle was keen to show his brother and sister round his home. No such luck, they soon left him with me and went exploring on their own. They checked the chickens, bounced on the dog beds, skidded on the rugs on the wood floor and looked hopefully into the glass front of the oven. I shut them out whilst Bristle showed me his latest repertoire. Wendy got him to do some more hand touches and then put a small box on the floor. He had to get all four feet inside the box before his reward. Then he had a round box and had to stand with his two front feet on it for his treat. Poor Bristle had missed his breakfast to go to the vets and found it very hard to concentrate with a rumbly tummy. I retrieved the two herberts from outside, not at all bothered that they had been shut out from the action and they proceeded to rearrange the rugs whilst Bristle caught forty winks. So no worries about being in a strange place for the first time.
Back in the van and they slept all the way home, I had to wake them up to go back into their pen for their very late breakfast. The picture is of Pudsey who is getting very bristly round his chops now and both of them have some very wiry coat coming through. I shall take them out to agility classes with me soon, now that they have had both vaccinations, and hopefully someone will come along for Pudsey, who will want to show him too.

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